Centro Ceramico works on the membrane replicability

Centro Ceramico di Bologna, the partner working on the replication of REMEB project ‪membranes in Italy, has already received the mixer and the extruder which will allow to manufacture the pilot ‪ceramic membranes for wastewater reuse. It should be highlighted that REMEB ceramic membranes will be manufactured taking into account the manufacturing process of ceramic tiles industry.While Spanish Ceramic research centre is leading the manufacturing process and parameters from Spain at a pilot and later on at an industrial scale, the Italian and the Turkish ceramic research centre will focus on the replicability of the membranes in their countries.

Centro Ceramico is also studying different agro-industrial wastes, among them orujillo, olive bones, sansa and milled chamotte, since although the three of the countries have very similar wastes, they present different characteristics, according to the country.
The main objectives of the REMEB are the implementation and validation of a low cost recycled ceramic membrane bioreactor (MBR) for waterreuse in a ‪‎Wastewater Treatment Plant.

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