First REMEB low-cost ceramic membranes manufactured at industrial scale

The first REMEB industrial-scale membranes have been produced in Castellón by a ceramic tiles manufacturing company, using local raw materials and wastes, and starch as a pore former.

ITC-UJI, Spanish ceramic research centre specialized in ceramics, has coordinated the manufacturing process. The obtained membranes show good properties, both at green and sintered state. They are being adapted by the French company IMECA Process to be installed in the membrane bioreactor (MBR), which will be run by FACSA, project leader, and ESAMUR, managing the validation WWTP.

This is first attempt to produce low-cost ceramic membranes at industrial scale. It is a challenging goal because of the differences existing in the behaviour of the membranes manufactured at pilot scale and the ones manufactured at industrial scale.

With the acquired experienced, the next step will be to improve the manufacturing process by controlling and analysing comprehensively all variables in order to achieve the necessary membranes for the implementation of the bioreactor.

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