The REMEB low-cost recycled ceramic membranes get closer to the MBR

IMECA PROCESS and ITC-UJI met last Wednesday 8th February in an intermediate location between Clermont-L’Hérault, France and Castellón, Spain to guarantee that the REMEB industrial membranes reach the MBR without mishaps.

The industrial membranes, required to complete the module of the REMEB MBR, were manufactured in a ceramic industry of Castellón province and sintered in ITC-UJI laboratory. Now, they have been delivered to IMECA, which is constructing the bioreactor in its facilities in Clermont-L’Hérault, to complete the cassette and then assemble it to the MBR.

Afterwards, ITC-UJI and IMECA held a technical meeting to discuss about the membrane assembly procedures.

The French engineering, specialized in agroindustry with expertise on water filtration, foresees the wastewater reuse system will be ready for its implementation in Aledo WWTP at the end of February.

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