REMEB project, reusing ceramic tiles for the manufacturing of membranes, was present in Qualicer’16


  • The initiative, led by Facsa, in which eleven partners from seven countries participate, was exhibited as a poster in block C in XIV World Congress on Ceramic Tile that took place last 8th and 9th February

  • The project, co-financed by the EU under programme Horizon 2020, focuses on the use of several wastes for the manufacturing of low cost ceramic membranes to be applied in water treatment

Castellón 11/02/2016.- REMEB international project, designed for the reuse of wastewater through the manufacture of ceramic membranes, was displayed in Qualicer 2016 as a poster within the block C. This block addresses works related to manufacture of ceramic tile, innovation in processes or energy and environmental management.


This original initiative, co-financed with EU funds and led Facsa, which also involves eleven international partners, is aimed at developing a ceramic membranes bioreactor made of ceramic products and agro-industrial wastes for wastewater reuse. This will imply the deployment of a water treatment combining biological treatment with membrane technology.

The manufacturing process of glazed tiles usually generates fired tile scrap, which can reach up to 3 percent of the final production. Most of these wastes are usually landfilled (between 60 and 70%). This work seeks basically aims to valorise these wastes as well as others obtained in different agro-industrial processes, such as the olive wastes or marble dust. For this purpose, low cost ceramic membranes, which are used in membrane bioreactors (MBRs) for the treatment of urban waste water will be manufactured.

The poster selected by Qualicer 2016 Technical Committee to be exhibit during the Congress includes in detail the first experimental results performed on a laboratory scale, which have led to these low cost ceramic membranes.

The project has a total budget of 2,361,622.50 Euros and is co-funded by the European Union through the Horizon 2020 programme. This project focuses on the “Climate, Environment, resources efficiency and raw materials action” and seeks to respond to the social challenges related to climate change. Another objective is to reduce the membranes manufacturing cost and to use this technology for water reuse in water-scarce regions and in the industrial sector.

REMEB is integrated by a total of 11 partners from seven different countries: FACSA as project coordinator, the Spanish Institute for Ceramic Technology ITC-UJI, the French engineering company IMECA Process, the consultant company from Cyprus ATLANTIS, the Norwegian company BIOWATER, the Council of Chambers of Commerce of Valencia, Castellón laboratory for research  and environmental projects IPROMA, the Italian ceramic centre Centro Ceramico, the ceramic research centre SAM in Turkey, Antonio Ariño University in Colombia and the Wastewater Management Entity of Murcia region ESAMUR.

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