REMEB supports research traineeship for university students

Yesterday, 15th March 2017, REMEB participated in a conference organised by and held at Universitat Jaume I (UJI) of Castellón. It gathered students and teachers participating in the programme ESTUDIA I INVESTIGA, whose aim is to provide the most brilliant students in the University’s degrees with a broader and practical education.

This programme offers the possibility of obtaining a research and academic training that covers the students’ needs and concerns and allows them develop their capacity for reflection and analysis through the achievement of academic and personal skills from a subject they find motivating in their degree, by being involved in different University research projects.

The initiative is highly valued both by students and teachers, and each year there is an increase in participation. A total of 66 research groups and 117 students are part of the current programme.

The event included the exhibition of works by 23 students in the programme on the research in which they collaborate within the different research groups of the Universitat Jaume I.

Students of Chemical Engineering Madalina Alexandra Bar and Claudia Blaga, who are doing their trainee at ITC-UJI and collaborating in some of the topics of REMEB project, also participated in the event.

Their tutor, Professor Enrique Sánchez from ITC-UJI, explain their experience in the ceramic research centre working together with technicians on the REMEB project membrane studies.

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