The government of Saudi Arabia shows interest in the REMEB project

  • Members of the Saudi Ministry of Agriculture have known on-site the technological innovation for water management of FACSA.

  • The international character of FACSA and IPROMA research projects aroused the interest of experts from the Ministry of Agriculture of Saudi Arabia.

Castellon, 9th September 2016 – Representatives of FACSA held a meeting last Saturday with components of the Irrigation and Drainage Authority from the Ministry of Agriculture of Saudi Arabia (HIDA), attracted by the R&D and technological vanguard applicable to water management developed by the companies FACSA and IPROMA.

The WWTP of Alhama, Murcia – Experimental Centre for the Validation of New Technologies for the Disinfection of Wastewater- was the scene in which Elena Zuriaga, Ignacio Pastor, Fran Valero and Ruben Romero, representing FACSA, presented their initiatives, with an emphasis on its technological and innovative aspect.

Indeed, the interest of the Saudi government has been marked by the need to improve the efficient and intelligent management of integrated water cycle, mainly in the tertiary treatment of the treatment process for wastewater reuse.

The international character of the research projects in the field of integrated water cycle of FACSA and IPROMA, like REMEB, has been one of the driving parts of this executive visit. In fact, the H2020 REMEB project has had an important pull effect since it responds to the needs of improving the processes of purification and reuse of water in Saudi Arabia, mainly due to the scarcity of this natural resource in Saudi Arabia.

In this regard, the meeting focused on the development, validation and implementation of new technologies and processes of FACSA and IPROMA in managing the integrated water cycle and in various research projects they develop. The day concluded with a visit to the plant, both to experimental centre for validation of new technologies and to facilities of the wastewater treatment plant.

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