Students present REMEB in a conference for young researchers

On 8th March 2017, the REMEB project participated in the first Conference for Young Researchers (I Jornada de jóvenes investigadores), organised by ITC-UJI and the ICV-CSIC (Spanish Institute of Ceramics and Glass).
The object of the conference, which was held in Castellón, was to provide an appropriate framework for communication and exchange so that young people in the early stages of their research career could defend their most recent work within a specialized scientific environment. The presentation of the works was done through oral presentations of 15 minutes duration.
A jury composed of experts chose the best works presented, which were awarded with several recognition prizes.
The conference covered the following topics: Synthesis, processing and characterization of ceramic and glass materials of technological and industrial interest, materials for construction, coatings, surface modifications, functional materials.
The REMEB project, which is developing an eco-friendly wastewater treatment system with ceramic membranes based on agro-industrial wastes, was selected for participation with two posters framed in the subject area “processing and characterization of ceramic and glass materials of technological and industrial interest”.
P1: Influencia de las variables de proceso en la fabricación de membranas cerámicas basadas en residuos (Influence of process variables on the manufacturing of ceramic membranes based on wastes)
Participant: M-Magdalena Lorente-Ayza
P3: Desarrollo de capas en membranas cerámicas de bajo coste (Development of layers in low-cost ceramic membranes)
Participants: Claudia Blaga and Madalina Alexandra Bar

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