UAN presents REMEB to Bradley Lusk, travelling the world to spread science

Dr Javier Rincón from Universidad Antonio Nariño (UAN) had the chance to present the REMEB project to Bradley Lusk, a PhD in Biological Design from Arizona State University, USA, who embarked on a mission to share research and science all over the world, connecting people with innovation, and to inspire others to follow his steps.

The project, entitled Science the Earth, kicked-off in 2015. He has already been to more than 40 universities learning about their achievements and scientific developments and telling the world. UAN, listed in his international tour 2017, received Lusk’s visit on 14th March in its facilities in Bogotá, Colombia. Several university researchers presented their works, among them, the REMEB project.

This is a great platform for REMEB recycled membrane bioreactor to reach global academia professionals and general public.

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